plastic recycling

plastic recycling

Welcome to Puzhou International Ltd

Your gateway to the plastic recycling market in China.

Our business model is simple; we purchase recovered plastic materials from trusted suppliers around the world, and then reprocess this material through our own and extensive re-distribution network. We have access to over 100 factories in the Shandong Province alone, all of which comply with current Chinese environmental protection laws.

Since our establishment we have dramatically increased our business operations, and import over 2,000 tonnes of recycled plastics per month from the European market.

Puzhou International, the UK growing subsidiary of The Puzhou Group has a clear mission: To become the largest buyer, importer and end re-processor of recycled plastics in the Shandong Province, China. Through our relationship with The Puzhou Group, we can ensure current and future suppliers are provided with a reliable and responsible end re processor, that comply with stringent EU environmental regulations from various respective environment governing bodies and agencies.

At Puzhou International we provide a long term commitment to our partners based on mutual trust and respect. We exceed their expectations by working closely together in sharing current market data and analysis and through our own personal and working relationships.