Legislative Compliance

Puzhou International is fully registered as a carrier and broker of controlled waste with the UK Environment Agency. We also have the ability to be fully accredited with governing bodies from other EU countries which gives peace of mind to our clients exporting recovered materials to responsible end users, who operate to broadly equivalent standards as European re-processors.

Recovered plastics are governed by a wide range of waste regulations covering transfrontier shipments.  These regulations place a considerable duty of care on all parties involved in the collection, processing and sale of such products on a national and international level.

We at Puzhou International can ensure that all members of the Puzhou Group are reputable end re-processors that hold all necessary documentation to comply with the regulations and legislation to import recycled plastic material into China.

Legal documentation that we supply on behalf of the Puzhou Group members include; Company Business Licences, SEPA Licences, Import Licences, Re-processors Licences and Environment Reports. 
This documentation enables our current and prospective suppliers in the UK to accredit us with the Environment Agency as an assured recycler of plastic waste material, so this can enable PRN’s (Packaging Recovery Notes) to be obtained on material that is sold to us.

We welcome all clients to visit our facilities in China and to meet with senior personnel chairing the Puzhou Group of companies. This allows for both supplier and buyer to work closely together and this increased degree of communication brings the supplier closer to the Chinese market. Visits from Environment officials are increasingly common to visit our re-processors sites and facilities to ensure that their high environmental and quality standards are being met and to ensure that the recovered materials being supplied through Puzhou International meet their specifications.